I Patom Theatre is the theatre project of two actresses graduated at Accademia Teatro Dimitri (Switzerland): Aude Lorrillard and Vita Malahova who, finding themselves working together in several disciplines, wanted to combine their artistic ideas with their experiences in order to create a theatre group together. Throughout physical expression and music I Patom Theatre aims to develop a unique scenic language tied by the creation of strong images and linked with a fine dramaturgic headline. From out of the works of this company is spawned the desire to share their work to a large audience; every culture and nationality. I Patom Theatre is questioning hierarchy, otherness, and communication.

I Patom Theatre is constantly collaborating with various theater companies and directors by participating in artistic residencies, giving workshops, playing in festivals and cultural events. Since 2016, the actresses toured in Ukraine, Switzerland, Denmark, South Italy, France, Turkey, and Iraq. 

At the moment the theatre company is based in Switzerland and is touring with their performance "I Ran and Got Tired" and children performance "Colorful Tales". 

Aude Lorrillard was born in 1992 in Pertuis, France. She starts her physical practice by doing acrobatics and quickly develops a strong interest in the theatre collective work. In 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in Physical Theatre at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri (CH). At the end of those studies, she creates "I Patom Theatre" with the Latvian actress Vita Malahova. In addition, she created, along with 10 other colleagues of her school, the Stille Wasser Kollektiv, with whom she performed shows throughout Switzerland of the Christian Seiler adaptation of "Antigone - Fragments of a Myth". In the spring of 2017, she went to Turkey in Mardin and to Iraq to collaborate with the association Art Anywhere to promote circus in the conflict zones. Aude Lorrillard, as a member of I Patom Theatre gives workshops in acrobatics, physical theatre, and voice training. She is currently leading her Master's research in Physical Theatre inspired by the Odyssea, about the transmission of oral traditions.


Vita Malahova is an actress, mask maker, and theatre maker born in Latvia currently living in Switzerland. She is an actress, director, and mask maker. She holds a Bachelor of Physical Theater at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri (CH) and is a co-founder of the physical theatre duo I Patom Theatre. Vita is attracted by playfulness as a strong connection to the people, their nature, and life story. Currently, Vita does her Master in “Expanded Theater” at Bern University of the Arts, gives workshops in mask theatre, and also works as a freelance actress and theatre-maker between Latvia, Denmark, and Switzerland.

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